How to play
Chef Gordon Ramsay surveys your work as you are given control
of the Hell's Kitchen restaurant dining room and kitchen. (Click on arrow to view more)

In the dining room, direct the waiter to take care of every customer’s need:
  • Greet a group as it walks in the door and show them to a free table.
  • Once they have had a chance to look at the menus, take their order and deliver it to the kitchen.
  • When the meals come out of the kitchen, hurry and deliver them to the expecting table.
  • As soon as they finish eating, clear their table. Customers will then either want another course, or be ready to leave.
In the kitchen, timing is the key:
  • Prepare all the different ingredients requested in the recipes.
  • Start the cooking stations at the right moment so they will all finish at the same time.
  • Get the meals off the fire as soon as they are done to avoid burning.
  • Once all plates are ready, the service will slide into the dining room.
Chef Gordon Ramsay:
  • Listen to what he has to say, he’s not only your judge but your instructor.
  • At every completed service, Chef Ramsay rates your cooking.
  • Demonstrate enough talent, and the day will be a success and your career will advance.
  • For every ruined meal or impatient customer, Chef Ramsay’s mood deteriorates.
  • Push your luck too far, and he will shut down the kitchen!
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